Weekly Random Question Wednesday


My perfect day would start out with waking up with my husband in a luxury boutique hotel on the Oregon coast with my hair already done. Room service would bring in a breakfast of eggs benedict, shredded hashbrowns, frothy lattes and TWO daily papers ( to prevent fights with my husband). We would enjoy our breakfast on a private balcony overlooking the foggy ocean.

After we finally got dressed we would wander down to an eclectic coffee shop to grab another coffee and go for a long stroll on the beach. Tony would have to carry a pail just in case we found any shells, driftwood, sea glass, etc.

Once we got back from the beach we would go on to do some wine tastings at local vineyards.

As soon as all the wines started to taste the same we would go to a spa for a glorious hot stone massage and some relaxation time.

By now it would be dinner time so we would dine on seafood with good wine in a 5 star restaurant by the water.

After dinner we go to the theatre, drink wine and eat yummy chocolate confections.

Upon returning to the hotel we would crawl under the 5,000 thread count down duvet and rent a movie.

Clearly, I love luxury, the ocean and wine.

What would you do?


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