Cardboard box + tissue paper = DIY photo studio

Tony bought me a new camera for our first wedding anniversary and unfortunately I still don’t know how to use the functions properly, but I’m trying to learn!

Lighting has always been a problem for me,  especially when I’m taking photos of food. When I joined the Daring Bakers I found a post on how to make a Macro Photo Studio by Strobist.

Start out with a good size box

Cut windows in three of the sides & cut off the top and bottom flap (I hadn’t cut off the bottom flap yet in this picture)

Tape white tissue paper (I doubled mine) to the windows. Cut a piece of white poster paper to fit inside. Add some lights to the top and/or the sides and snap away!

I tried a couple different white balance options, but so far this is what I’ve figured out.


Any suggestions or tips on how to take good photos of food? I have a Canon Rebel XSI. If you have any tips on settings for my specific camera I sure would appreciate it!


5 thoughts on “Cardboard box + tissue paper = DIY photo studio

  1. The best advise I can give is to use a photo editing software, (we have photoshop, but that is because Hubby got Adobe CS4 for Illustrator and Flash for his degree.) Also morning lighting works best for natural light – it really works great. I wish you luck, I’m still trying to figure out good photos…

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