Gocery Shopping

After I was emailed the recipe for the Energy Bars I happily decided that I needed to go to the grocery store to pick up some items to bake my newest healthier-than-a-cookie treat. While I was walking around the grocery store pushing my cart my mind began to wonder to my love for food and why I feel so passionate about it.

Simply, food grounds me. It relaxes and stimulates me simultaneously. I love the aromas, colors, and especially the tastes. During my times of high stress AKA: when I was in University, doing group projects, working 19 hr/week, and volunteering on 2 boards, I would stay up  until sometimes 2:00 – 3:00 in the morning baking. Loving to cook has its drawback – loving to eat.

Food is three-fold for me. Preparing, Eating, Entertaining and I enjoy each part as much as the others.

Besides restaurants, my favorite places to go when we travel is to grocery stores or markets.  I love having the time and ability to look at all the exquisite products that are foreign to me or something that I’ve been searching for a long time! Walking the aisles discovering new and exciting things to try is simply exhilarating.

I think my husband has come to accept that whenever we travel we will most definitely go to a grocery store to check it out. 

Here’s some of my favorite food shopping pictures:

Tony with American Style Hot Dogs in Portugal


The Market near Prai das Macas, Portugal




My melon in Portugal


Fish counter in Portugal


The Beer Aisle – Tony and Dan Loved this! You could buy 24 Super Bock Beer for about $5.00 Canadian!


A slightly less scruffy Tony with All Day Breakfast – sausages and beans


Tony with The Full Monty – I’m not exactly sure what was in this one.


The Cheese Shop Iain Mellis in St Andrews, Scotland





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