Front Door Before & After

After looking through all the decorating blogs on my reader I got inspired to do something about my front door. It was just an ordinary white door that I really didn’t like. There was a spring hanging from the top because we took our screen door off and I just hated it.

So our door went from looking like this:


Cool looking picture of the sky, bad picture of the door



Good picture of the bad door, bad picture of husband


To this:


Hello beautiful door!

I think the painting really brightened our stoop and I love our door.

Paint color is CIL Rapture

Door Decal is from Word Candy Wall Art for only $11.50 USD INCLUDING SHIPPING!


You might have wondered about the photos of Tony (Husband) and Dan (Roommate) at the top. We had a large amount of “quack grass” on our front yard so they had the task of digging it out and seeding.  Our lawn didn’t look pretty for quite some time with all the brown holes, but now that the quack grass is gone we have to deal with dandelions!


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